"Realize that everything is connected to everything else." ( Leonardo da Vinci)


Name: Christina Mitterhuber

             Born in Wels, Austria, Europe

             Based in 1180 Vienna, Austria

Profession: Painter - oil paintings, acrylic paintings, mixed media on canvas in various sizes.

                      Self studies since childhood, first oil paintings at the age of 12

                      Current Paintings: One Thousand


                      Favorite Painters and sculptures : Michelangelo, Claude Monet, Edgar Degas, Raffael, Rodin 


                      Self studies at galleries around the world: New York City , Melbourne Australia, Vancouver Canada, Paris, Nice,   

                      Rome, Florence, Milan, Malaga, Dublin, Prague, Amsterdam, Stockholm, Oslo, San Francisco, Montreal Canada, Quebec City 

                      Canada, Cannes, Berlin, Hamburg, London, Manchester, Cork Irland, Sidney Australia, Brisbane Australia, Ottawa Canada, Venice 

                      Italy, Victoria Vancouver Island Canada, Kopenhagen, Genf, Zürich, Antibes and in the center of the cultural world VIENNA! 


                     Self Studies at my favorite galleries: NYC Metropolitan museum of Art, MOMA NYC, Vancouver Art Gallery, Paris Louvre,

                     Paris Musee de Orsay, National Gallery of Nice, Museum of Picasso in Antibes, Picasso Museum Malaga, San Francisco

                     MOMA, National Gallery of Victoria in Melbourne Australia, Belvedere, Leopold Museum and Albertina Vienna.



& work     Professional Makeup Artist, degree 2001 in Vienna

                     Cambridge University degrees: Cambridge First Certificate in English in 1997

                                                                                Cambridge Certificate in Advanced English in 2001

                                                                                Cambridge Proficiency in English in 2012 / native speaker 

                     Berlitz foreign languages Travel companion degree in 1997 /1998

                     Franz Schubert Conservatory/study branch of acting, Vienna 

                     Professional breath, voice and talk studies for the stage, Vienna


I lived from 2001 to 2003 in Vancouver, Canada and I lived from 2007 to 2010 in Melbourne, Australia.


Exhibitions : "Feuerwelten", June 2018, Gallery Kunstraum in 1010 Vienna

                        "Parallelaktion 2018", 3-29. September 2018, Gallery Kunstraum in 1010 Vienna

                        "The best of 2018", December 2018, Gallery Kunstraum in 1010 Vienna

                        "All travel II", 8. April - 4. May 2019, Gallery Kunstraum in 1010 Vienna

                        "Earth connected...", 27. May - 15 June 2019, Gallery Kunstraum in 1010 Vienna

                        "Summer exhibition" , 1 July - 31. July 2019, Galleria La Principina , Castroreale , Italy

                        "Summer exhibition", 26.July - 2. September 2019, Gallery Artinnovation Innsbruck

                        "Summer exhibition" , 1. August  - 20. August 2019, Galleria Mistral, Cariati, Italy

                        "Parallelaktion 2019", 2. September - 29. September 2019, Gallery Kunstraum in 1010 Vienna

                        "Art Salzburg Contemporary/ Kunstmesse Salzburg", 27-29. September 2019, Gallery Artinnovation Innsbruck/ Berlin

                        "True colors" Solo exhibition - Christina Mitterhuber. Bob Hailwax Fotos,  1-12. October 2019, Gallery Kunstraum in 1010 Vienna

                        "Art Innsbruck- International Art Fair/ Kunstmesse Innsbruck", 16-19. January 2020, Gallery Artinnovation Innsbruck/ Berlin

"Fireworks",  100 cm/ 80 cm, Öl und Acryl auf Leinwand © 2010 Christina Mitterhuber

Ausstellung "Feuerwelten",  Galerie Kunstraum in den Ringstrassen Galerien, 1010 Wien,  Juni 2018




Christina Mitterhuber / +43/(0)650/4707739 / mitterhuber.christa@gmail.com


© 2019 Christina Mitterhuber


Fotos der Vernissage der Parallelaktion 2018 und der Vernissage der Feuerwelten 2018 © Erich Kreutzer

Fotos Atelier 2019,  Fotos Classics 2019, Fotos Rückblicke, Fotos About, Fotos Events © Hubert Thurnhofer, © Robert Hailwax alias BOB,© Joe Leitner, © Ron Böhme, © Otto Bauer, © Rudolf Schar