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Christina Mitterhuber


Welcome to my Homepage!

 First I`d like to introduce myself.


Christina Mitterhuber born in Wels, Austria on December 29  in 1975.  I am a painter and literally started my first steps as a child with a brush. My work contains oil paintings, acrylic paintings, charcoal drawings and mixed techniques on canvas in various sizes. 

Meanwhile my work contains about one thousand paintings, which have never been exhibited. My wish for the future is once a year an exhibition from now on. 


At the age of  2-3 years my father drew me little drawings, since that I think I had the wish to become a painter. First award for a painting at primary school at the age of 10. First oil paintings at the age of 12 at grammar school. First gallery visits at the age of 15 at "Kunsthistorisches Museum" and  "Belvedere". 


I really love it a lot to go to galleries. Gallery visits like in Milan, Florence, Rome, Nice, Antibes, Paris, Dublin,Malaga, Vancouver(Canada), Victoria( Canada), Toronto ( Canada), Montreal ( Canada), Quebec City ( Canada), New York City (US), San Francisco (US), Auckland (New Zealand) and Melbourne ( Australia).


Painters of former times, who I  worship and admire are, "Rembrandt", "Leonardo Da Vinci", "Michelangelo", "August Rodin", "Amedeo Modigliani", "Pablo Picasso", "Claude Monet", "Edgar Degas", "Paul Cézanne", "Camille Pissarro", "Pierre August Renoir", "Paul Signac", "Alfred Sisley", ...


Since I lived in Vancouver, Canada all together for about 4 years in my teens, in my twenties and in my thirties. And since I also lived in Melbourne, Australia for three years at the age of 31-34,  I really got to know the lifestyle and the culture of those countries. 


 I am delighted to make the announcement here, that I took part at September´s "Parallelaktion Kunst 2018" at "Galerie Kunstraum" , which is located in " The Ringstrassen Galleries" near Vienna´s State Opera!



"Fireworks",  80cm/ 100 cm, Öl und Acryl auf Leinwand © 2018 Christina Mitterhuber



Christina Mitterhuber / +43/(0)650/4707739 / mitterhuber.christa@gmail.com


© 2018 Christina Mitterhuber


Fotos der Vernissage der Parallelaktion 2018 und der Vernissage der Feuerwelten 2018 © www.ejk.photography