"True Colors": "Blue, Red, Yellow, Green" © Christina Mitterhuber

 2019/ 4/ 8 to 2019/ 4/ 28 at Gallery Kunstraum, Kärntnerring 11-13/ 144 ,1010 Vienna


I am delighted taking part with my new painting series called "True colors", which consists of 4 paintings in the primary colors  "Blue", "Red", "Yellow", "Green". Which I painted as a homage to color itself for most and for all.


I want to dedicate these paintings to David Bowie. I painted each painting as an admiration to a song, he once performed. And to go more into details, especially to one sentence in each song.  

"Blue" to "Absolute Beginners": "I absolutely love you".

"Red" to " Ashes to Ashes": "I am happy, hope you are happy too, I have loved all I have needed".

"Yellow" to " Heros": "I wish, I wish I could swim, like a dolphin, like a dolphin can swim" 

"Green" to his version of "My way": "I´ve loved, I´ve laughed and cried, and more, much more than this, I did it my way".  

"All travel II" exhibition at Gallery Kunstraum in 1010 Vienna.

"Blue", 80 / 80 cm, 2018; " Red", 80 / 80 cm, 2018; "Yellow", 80 / 80 cm, 2018; "Green", 80 / 80 cm, 2018 mixed media on canvas

 "True Colors": "Blue, Red, Yellow, Green" © Christina Mitterhuber


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© 2018 Christina Mitterhuber


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